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Finally competition – The beginning of a new series?

On 4.02.22 the first Bavarian TT-Race took place for the TTC Hof, venue school gym of the Eichendorff school, and thus the first official competition after the corona-related interruption in the current season.
The TT-Race, which was already fully booked in advance, offered exciting games and attracted many players from different regions in a cozy atmosphere – for the physical well-being was well taken care of. Particularly outstanding is the young Malte Rill, who provided some surprises and knew how to show off playfully. In the end, it became the 4.Space for the homegrown TTC Hof, with a balance of 4:2. Since places 1 to 3 had a record of 5:1, Malte's second best record is definitely to be emphasized.
The winner was Mathias Wrobel from VfB Schleiz.
The TTC Hof would like to thank all participants and the organizer Michael Schüller. A big thank you goes above all to all helpers, without you the successful event would not have run smoothly!
Due to the popularity of the tournament and the central location of the TTC, further TT races will take place on 19 and 25 February – the beginning of a new series?

Pictures: Alina Gemeinhardt