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Information on the second half of the season

On 20.12.2021, the BTTV discussed the possible continuation of the game operation in the new year. The results can be found in an article on their website.

The most important points summarized:

  • The team game operation will be suspended until 28.02.2022
  • It is planned to end the season in a simple round. This means that only those games that were still pending in the preliminary round will be made up.
  • Individual tournaments of the association will also not take place until 31.01.2022 and will be postponed.
  • Open tournaments and series may be held under the legal framework.

With this decision, the fear is now clear: this season will not be a normal one either. Let's hope that it is possible to lead the single round to the end and thus at least a conclusion will be found.

How and from when the training will take place in the new year will be announced by the club in good time. The new list will also be published and entered by then.