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Match report CW 37 2021

TTC 1990 Hof V : SG Regnitzlosau II

Men's District Class B Group 2 Hof Ost (Bayerischer TTV – Oberfranken-Ost)
Friday, 17.09.2021, 20:15

For the SG Regnitzlosau II it was not possible to compete in the team fight against the TTC 1990 Hof V on
Friday. Thus, the game goes without a fight with 2:0 points and 9:0 games for the TTC 1990 Hof V in the table of the men's district class B Group 2 Hof Ost (Bavarian TTV – Upper Franconia East).

Simon remains unbeaten against ASV Marktleuthen II

Men's District Class A Group 2 Hof (Bayerischer TTV – Oberfranken-Ost)
ASV Marktleuthen II : TTC 1990 Hof IV
Saturday, 18.09.2021, 18:00

In the match of the men's district class A Group 2 Hof (Bavarian TTV – Upper Franconia East) the ASV Marktleuthen II met on Saturday, September 18 in the 1st of September. Season game at the TTC 1990 Hof IV. The guests hijacked the points in their 9:1 success in less than 2 hours very safely. The sentence ratio of 7:29 shows how clear it was in the end.
It started with the opening doubles. Despite a 1-0 set lead, Petrus / Sommerer ultimately lost their match against Mittelmaier / Ammon with 11:4, 4:11, 8:11, 10:12. Steidl / Pöhlmann had hardly any chances in the defeat in three sets against their opponents Simon / Fritz. Disillusioned by their five-set defeat against Hofmann / Habl were Skrivan / Wasil, although they had given everything. The score after the doubles was 0:3. We continued with the singles. A little later Frank Petrus had too few playful means in store to seriously endanger Rüdiger Fritz, so it was 0:3 at the end of the game. Andreas Sommerer lacked the right tactics in his three-set defeat against Günter Simon from the first ball change. A little later, the middle pair cross went to the table with a score of 0:5. Thomas Steidl then never got his opponent Günter Hofmann under control at the clear 10:12, 9:11, 5:11. Vaclav Skrivan had no chances in the 0:3 against his opponent Roland Mittelmaier. Before the lower pair cross met a little later, the game had an intermediate score of 0:7 at this time. In the short term it looked good, but in the end Julius Pöhlmann was defeated in his four-set defeat against Marc Ammon. The match between Antonin Wasil and Oliver Habl was on a knife's edge before the hosts were able to prevail in five sets. The outcome of the fifth set with only two balls difference also shows how balanced the single was overall. Before the top singles, the team battle was accordingly 1:8. Frank Petrus, on the other hand, had no chance against Günter Simon at 3:11, 6:11, 4:11. The two teams left the hall with a 9:1 victory for the TTC 1990 Hof IV.
After this defeat of the home team, the next game on 24.09.2021 will be against SV
Marlesreuth, while ttc 1990 Hof IV will play against TSV Zell II on 23.09.2021.

ASV Marktleuthen II Doubles:
Petrus / Sommerer (0), Steidl / Pöhlmann (0), Skrivan / Wasil (0)
Singles: F. Petrus (0), A. Sommerer (0), T. Steidl (0), V. Skrivan (0), J. Pöhlmann (0), A. Wasil (1)
TTC 1990 Hof IV
Doubles: Simon / Fritz (1), Mittelmaier / Ammon (1), Hofmann / Habl (1)
Singles: G. Simon (2), R. Fritz (1), R. Mittelmaier (1), G. Hofmann (1), O. Habl (0), M. Ammon (1)