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Match report CW 43 2020

Due to the Upper Franconian Championships in Bayreuth, only the Friday games were played this weekend. The third remains the leader of the table in the district league and shaves the ATSV at home with 11:1. Great performance guys! The seventh, on the other hand, unfortunately loses in Köditz. The middle pair cross had twice the chance in the 5. Set to get the points to Hof. Unfortunately without success. Despite the defeat, the seventh leader of the standings remains in the district class D. So stay tuned!!
Despite the rising corona numbers, the TTC Hof has so far been largely spared positive cases. To stay that way, we all have to stick to the hygiene measures! In general, the hygiene concepts of the table tennis clubs prevented infections in the sports sector. That's why btTV has decided to keep the season going. In the future, however, games will have to take place without spectators. Masks may only be removed from the plate.
Nevertheless, we should make the best of the situation and continue to train diligently!
Let's fight TTC and win!
Table tennis, Verbandsliga: TTC 1990 Hof I – spielfrei.
Table tennis, Bezirksoberliga: TTC 1990 Hof II – play-free.
Table tennis, Bezirksliga West: TTC 1990 Hof III – ATSV Reichenbach 11:1. – Nothing to get for the ATSV in Hof. The third of the TTC does not let anything burn against the last of the Bezirksliga West. Even Schubert was able to play the top player of Reichenbach in the first single round in the 5th round of the game. Force down sentence. Neumann was not so lucky in the second round and had to give Greser the fist to victory. All other players of the TTC Hof 3 won their games clearly. Thus, the game ended with 11:1 and the TTC remains the leader of the standings. Points TTC: Schubert, Görler, Schnabel, Siebert, Mittelmaier (2 each), Neumann (1); ATSV: Greser D. (1)
Table tennis, district class A: TTC 1990 Hof IV – free to play.
Table tennis, district class C: TTC 1990 Hof V– play-free.
Table tennis, district class B: TTC 1990 Hof VI – play-free.
Table tennis, district class D: TTC Köditz 1950 IV – TTC 1990 Hof VII 7:5.
Line-up TTC: Höllein (1), Meyer (2), Griesshammer (1), Dworschak, Jirinek E., Schwara (1)
Table tennis, district class D: TTC 1990 Hof VIII – free to play.