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Tactical training with Marius Zaus

you certainly know this: It is 10:10 in the 5th. Set. You have information! But which ones do you choose? Would you rather have a dangerous one that is prone to errors or the usual one? You had a strong five-point lead, but your opponent came back and got on the best way to take the lead. You ask yourself: How can I get him out of my composure?
Proper behavior in such situations can help you get the win home, but good advice in these situations is expensive and usually too late. 

That's why we want to take precautions and have organized a tactic or mental coaching with many little tips and tricks for you and exclusively for the TTC. On 26.01.2021 from 19:00 Marius Zaus will visit us with his new KupferZaus coaching and tactical program. The former German champion in the youth doubles and current player of the third Bundesliga has developed this program together with his partner Manuel Kupfer in order to clarify the questions raised above and to help you to deal better with such situations. So that we can all start as best as soon as we start again.

You can easily log in by clicking on this link on 26.01.2021 at 19:00:


Please try the link beforehand so that we can avoid technical difficulties. The event will last about 60 minutes and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. So think of some good ones!If you don't have a computer or mobile device at hand, you can also dial in free of charge via a phone number. Please contact Philipp Stöckert for this.

We look forward to seeing you and an exciting event!

P.: You can also remember the 28.01.2021 at 20:00. On this day there will be an open event on other topics. If you are interested, you can register HERE.