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The generations play together again after a long break

After 3 long years, on 26.02.2022 the already 4. Generational tournament, the aim of which is to bring the young people and adults of the association closer together. Thanks to the relaxation in the sport, one of this year's highlights of the club could finally be carried out again in the usual way, taking into account the Corona rules.

What is special about this fun tournament is that young people and adults, who otherwise compete in separate groups, form teams together to earn the title of winner of the generations. A team consists of a teenager and an adult, who had to compete against 11 other generational teams this year. While at the beginning of each match the singles between the adults and teenagers were played, each game ended with a double, with which the winning team was determined in the majority of the games. At the end of the tournament, after 4 rounds in the Swiss system, 4 teams with 3 wins and 1 defeat each were equal, so that only with the match and set difference the team Die Rafges, consisting of Roland and Anna, emerged as the winner of the generations. Congratulations!

As a culinary highlight, the sausages from the grill master Roland and his helpers are not to be neglected, who filled both the break and the stomachs excellently, so that 4 hours in a convivial round together great table tennis could be shown.

From left to right: 3rd place: The Special, 1st place: The Rafges, 2nd place: The Mental Monsters


PlaceTeam NameTeam
1The RafgesRoland and Anna
2The Mental MonstersMartin and Dario
3The specialThomas and Benni
4NoFraNorbert and Franzi
5Glätzle and the BeastPhilipp and Jasmin
6The best winners foreverJoerg and Hanna
7Black NightTobias and Ben
8Little Red Riding Hood and garbage collectionMarc and Mira
9The 2 from the 8.Kevin and Niklas
10The TTR HunterVijay and Emil
11The ImpossibleMalte and Alina
12PingPongysSebastian and Finn