The association

Philipp Stöckert

It's nice that you found our homepage! My name is Philipp Stöckert and I am the first chairman of the TTC 1990 Hof. As a very young board member, I make every effort to organize the club as much as possible, so that we can move forward, promote youth and, above all, remain successful with fun. Since I know that it is always a bit difficult to find your way around at first, you can always contact me if you have any questions or a problem.

As you can already see by the name of the club, we are still a relatively young club. Both on the year of the foundation and on the life of the association, our slogan is also based: "The young club". We therefore make every effort to run the club almost entirely from young people or young people. Of course, this is not possible without the knowledge and help of the experienced elders, so we are happy about every (soon) member, whether young or old- that wants to support us and are very grateful to him.

This is also the result of our success. We are not only one of the largest independent table tennis clubs in the region, but also one of the most successful. We regularly participate in point games and tournaments and can thus repeatedly announce successes.

In addition to the very successful sport, we regularly organize festivals, celebrations and activities. Our "Feierdeifi" team is very committed and takes care that the club remains a large family outside of the game and training.

You can read about exactly how our club life is organized and who are responsible for the youth and adult sector under the respective riders. Have fun!

Vollständiger VereinsnameTischtennisclub 1990 Hof e.V.
Mitglieder130 (stand Januar 2019)
Herrenmannschaften8 (höchste Spielklasse: Verbandsliga)
Jugendmannschaften4 (höchste Spielklasse: Bezirksoberliga)
MottoDer junge Verein – Offen, Jung, Erfolgreich